Life Update.

Hello Guys, sorry I have been gone so long. It has been a busy few months, and have had a lot going on, so my hope with this post is to update you with my goings on and my hopes for the future. I will start where I left off.

Since new year, I have made some changes to my life. I have finally restarted my goal to lose some weight, I am finally learning to eat a healthy diet and I try to go to the gym at least twice a week, and I am happy to say I am finally seeing some results, even though i have a long way to go I am happy with the direction it's going. I will post some progress photos when I have lost some more weight.

I definitely feel more organised with Uni. I am not as stressed as I used to be and I am getting on top of my work quicker than before. There are some aspects that could be improved that could make my life easier but that'll come with time. Trying to organise everything around Uni, including gym, social life and work hasn't been the easiest but I think I have found a good balance, the only thing now is actually getting enough sleep so I'm not so tired.  My finances aren't in the best state right now but I have a plan, and if I stick to it I will be able to see it through. 

I have made a slight effort with the work experience hunt by going to a televisions jobs fair back in February. However that was not what we expected, with a bunch of TV channels and companies telling us to apply online, something that we could have done at home. The talks were admirable with Industry professionals telling us that we need to go on coffee dates with head hunters, something of which is near impossible when all your free time is taken up by Uni, work and extra curricula actives such as gym and sleeping.  

On a lighter note, it snowed. Bare in mind this was the most snow I have seen in a long time it was pretty exciting. To begin with. It began to get frustrating when Uni got cancelled and I couldn't drive anywhere, home began to feel like a prison. But of course I also revelled in it and took complete advantage of the Instagram opportunities and had the occasional snowball fight. It was also quite nice to not be able to use my car, it meant that I actually got to walk places and get some fresh air, However it also meant the diet suffered due to boredom binge eating.

It was mothers day the other weekend, so i decided to go home for a long weekend to see her. It was a sweet relief of all the goings on at uni and to be able to spend time with the whole family. On mothering Sunday one of my best friends and I decided to take our mothers to a sing a long showing of The Greatest Showman, which we are obsessed with. Apart from my friend and I feeling like the oldest people there, who weren't parents we had a the greatest time. My brother and I then decided to take my mum and dad out for a lunch at a seaside cafe with my dog, and had a beautiful lunch. We went home for a few hours before heading out for dinner at somewhere we've never been before. I won't name and shame but apart from waiting for over 45 minutes for a table in which we had booked and were on time for, the food was delicious and the company was even better having the whole immediate family there it was the perfect time to catch up and talk about what has been going on. 

I think these are the main points from my last few months, I hope to keep this blog update with a post at least once a week. I am now going to treat this blog as my weekly escape, writing this I'm hoping will let me re focus and get on with what I need to do. 

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