Lush Halloween.

The other day I wondered into Lush and came across their Halloween selection, every year I seem to go a bit crazy with these products and this year was no different. This year however I went and bought everything in the collection, from the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar to the new Ectoplasm jelly bath bomb.



A new addition to this years holiday range Ectoplasm is one of Lush's new jelly bath bombs. It being a Jelly bath bomb means that it creates a layer of jelly on the surface of the water. Ectoplasm has the stereotypical Lush scent, if you have ever been into a store you will know what I mean. 


This cat shaped bubble bar is adorable. Another new addition to the halloween collection it smells really fruity, you can really smell the blackberry scent in this bath bomb. If it is like the other bubble bars it will create perfect and scented bubbles. 

Lord of Misrule

Lord of Misrule is a classic lush scent which always comes back around this time of year. Personally this is one of my favourite lush scents so whenever it comes back in store I stock up on the bath bombs. Making your bath a gorgeous green and red you are also surprised with popping candy which are released as the bomb fizzes.


Another one which comes back at Halloween is 'Pumpkin' this is the stereotypical halloween bath bomb. In the shape of a pumpkin it's aesthetic is perfect for this time of year, and as someone who loves anything and everything pumpkin shaped, scented and flavoured this bath bomb is perfect. When used it creates a lovely orange colour that along with the vanilla and cinnamon scent makes for a lovely warming bath experience. 

Monsters Ball

This wonderfully colourful bath bomb is another on of Lush's staple halloween bath bombs that they have brought out every year since I have started shopping there. Turning your bath a lovely bright pink the scent is incredibly sweet, almost as if you're smelling pick and mix so if you are not one for sickly sweet scents then this one is not for you, however if you are then go pick yourself one asap.


Although not officially on Lush's Halloween menu, Metamorphosis' dark black exterior gives it a creepy aesthetic and perfectly fits in among the range. Although black on the outside this bath bomb bursts with colours when put in the bath. The almost smoky scent allows for bath time to become more warming, perfect for this time of year. 

Sparkly/ Pink Sparkly Pumpkin

These bubble bars are any glitter lovers heaven, covered in glitter these products will transform your bath into a bubbly, glittery wonderland. The regular sparkly pumpkin has been another one of Lush's halloween favourites for years now and with the success of the regular one this year they bought out a pink one. The pink one is subtly sweet while the regular one has more of a musky tone.

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