Halloween 2017

To put it simply I LOVE Halloween. You and your friends dressing up as whatever you want, Pumpkins, horror movies, parties, these are just a few of the reasons I love Halloween so much. This year I got the joy of getting to dress up twice for two different parties, one being my own and the other at a friend from works. I would not say I go all out with my costumes but I put in a lot of effort to what I do decide to go as.

The first party was a friend from works, and for that I decided to go for the classic zombie look. I would have loved to have got creative with liquid latex however due to time constraints I had to go for a more subtle zombie outfit. With white contacts and a ripped up shirt I then got my friend Leanne to do the face make up and she did a fantastic job. We ended up having a fantastic night and got to meet some new people and we got to know the people we did know a lot better.

The second of the parties was held at mine and my friends house and for that I put in some more effort, decorations wise and outfit. For this party i decided to dress up as the devil, not the devil with full on red face it's what I liked to call the 'classy devil' look. After two hours of putting in red contacts and sticking the devil horns on with liquid latex and subsequently trying to get it too look as realistic as possible I got what I wanted (to a degree), again with help from Leanne in the face make up dept. The party was one of the best nights of the year so far with everyone from a purple minion, Jesus and a snake all getting drunk and having what I hope was a great time.

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