Holiday Essentials

Summer is quickly approaching and with summer comes the summer holidays. Up until a couple of months ago I wasn't going on holiday, that was until my friend called me up while I was at work asking if I wanted to go to Kavos at the beginning of June, of course I agreed, 5 minutes later I get a text saying her and her friends have booked it, now comes the hard part of not only getting my body ready but to delve into the world of holiday shopping. Now I have got into the bad habit of buying a whole new wardrobe every time I go on holiday, and this one is no different, with my weight fluctuating I wanted to get some new clothes to show off my weight loss. To give some inspiration I have created a list of items that I want to get for holiday or have already bought. 

Lightweight Shirt 


Printed T-Shirt


Swim Shorts 

Denim Shorts



All these items can be found at and 

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