Freshers 2017

For most of us it is officially the last weekend of Freshers 2017, this week has gone by so quickly but has been so much fun. Drinking almost every night has taken a toll on my body but it wouldn't be freshers without consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. Seeing all my Uni friends after what felt like an eternity of a summer was great and getting to celebrate freshers with them this year seemed like the perfect beginning of what I hope to be an amazing second year. Not only that but two of my best friends from home started at the same university as me this year and I am having so much fun showing them the town, taking them on nights out and helping them find their feet.

As my freshers wasn't as good as I hoped last year I wanted to make this one amazing. So this year a couple of friends and I signed up for 'Welcome Crew', in which we helped freshers move in to their accommodation, with the added benefit of getting into the freshers events for free. Finishing our shifts at 9 it meant we could grab a drink and get drunk with the freshers. That started nearly a full week of clubbing and getting so incredibly hungover the day after.

Below are a few of my favourite photos from through out the week, however a lot of the club ones are still yet to be uploaded so i couldn't include them. Once they get added I will do my best to add them to this post.

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