Loosing weight: Part 1.

Since a becoming a teenager I have always had struggles when it came to my weight. It has given me major self image issues and has done a number on my confidence. So last year I went on a diet and went to the gym around 4 times a week, and I ended up loosing over 3 stone in 6 months, which I was really proud of myself for however, after my holiday to Mexico that summer I started to put it all back on. Here I am over a year later and I have put nearly all of the weight that I lost back on. So as of today I am going back on to loosing weight, I am going to be eating better and exercising (when I can) more frequently. Where the diet can start near enough straight away the exercising is going to have to be put on the log burner until I return to uni, where I can make full use of the gym membership I pay for but have only used around 10 times.

I will post updates on here when i feel appropriate to fill you in on how it is going and what I have done to achieve my results (If any). This includes what I have been eating and what exercises I have found myself doing, in which I hope that someone reading this will take inspiration from these posts and that it will help with their weight loss goals.

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