Mini Homesense Haul.

Earlier this week i went on a trip to Brighton and got a bit excited when looking in their Homesense store. Homsense, in comparison to other homeware retailers is relatively cheap, however 4/5 items down the line and you end up spending more than you anticipated. I was more or less restraining myself from not buying 50% of the store and narrowed down my search to about 5/6 items, one of which I gifted to my mum but will show you anyway, mainly because it is super adorable. Unfortunately you wont able to find these exact items unless you go in store or find alternatives.

1)  Yellow and Grey Pillow £14.99

This pillow is one of the first items I saw when walking into the store, the yellows and grey colours fitted perfectly with the colour scheme of my room at home, the only thing that put me off it was the price tag. At £14.99 it is a little expensive for a pillow and originally I was going to be getting two, but in the end i decided on just getting the one. Not only is this pillow a great colour but it is also ridiculously comfortable.

2) Yellow Scented Candle £5.99

This is the first item I put in my basket, and again the colour of the glass is perfect for the colour of my room, but not only that but the smell of this candle is gorgeous. I am not one for really sweet or clinical scents, so this candle is perfect. I would defiantly describe the smell as sweet and fruity but not too sweet that it gives me a headache.

3) Notebook £5.99

I originally was not going to be getting any more notebooks or stationary, but when i walked over to the stationary section i was instantly drawn too this notebook. The inside is all lined paper and the cover is a soft leather, with a 'Big Ideas' embellishment. My plan for this note book is too write down notes and ideas for this blog.

4) Plant pot £4.99

Going into Homesense I was keeping an eye out for a small plant pot to put a plat of mine in. When I first looked around I was disappointed with the selection, many where either the wrong colour or not the type of pot I was looking for. After having looking around the store I went back to the plant department and found this small, ceramic, geometric style plant pot. This pot fits my hanging plant perfectly. I am planning on putting this on my bookcase in my Uni room.

5) Framed Picture £12.99

This framed picture is what I gifted my mum for putting up with me this summer. The picture is of a hand drawn dog that is not dissimilar to that of my dog which is why when i saw it i had to buy it and for £12.99 i thought it was a great gift for my mother who absolutely adores our dog. As you can see she has already hung it up, and conviniently it is hung up above the dog bed.

6) Lamp £24.99

This lamp was honestly one of my best finds. For a while I was looking for a lamp for my Uni room but couldn't find one which matched the colour scheme of black, white and copper. I then caught eye of this beauty and had to buy it, for a lamp it is on the pricier side but compared to some other lamps i saw i found it quite reasonable and it is stunning. The lamp itself has a copper head with a black neck and a marble base. Quite possibly my favourite item from this mini haul.

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