Summer Favourites: Clothing.

I'll be the first to admit that i tend to wear A LOT of black, which would not usually be a problem however, the weather in the UK is currently not accommodating to my black skinny jean and jacket obsession. So this summer i have been compromising with my clothing and buying some more colourful items. These items are items i have recently bought or have had since Summer started and haven't stopped wearing. I'll link each one below in case you wanted to have a look for yourself.

My first item of clothing although not as colourful as some of the other pieces, they are the perfect trousers for summer. With these trousers being so lightweight they don't stick to your leg when it gets a bit hot. Although marketed as smart trousers the cropped leg and the elasticated waist allows you to take a more casual everyday look. I have paired these up with a plain white t-shirt, a white shirt or a black t-shirt would also work well. When it comes to shoes i prefer wearing high top white Converse so it doesn't look like i just have trousers which are too small.

Topman: £35

The second item of clothing is a rain jacket that i bought before i went to Boardmasters Festival a few weeks ago. We experienced all types of weather and it fared well in all of them, it was perfect for when it was sunny but windy, The fabric wasn't too thin but the layers inside meant i was protected from the wind but wasn't overheating. I love the colour, with me being a bit obsessed with yellow recently this pastel yellow allowed me to show my colourful side without me stading out too much in the crowd. Again i paired this with a white t-shirt, i am yet to try it with another colour but its something you can experiment with. When it comes to trousers i wore this with both light blue and black jeans and it has so far gone well with both.

Unfortunately i got this when it was on sale so i do believe they no longer sell it, however i have found an alternative that would also work well. Topman: £22.50

My next item of clothing is a bit out there in terms of style. When i saw these online i instantly fell in love, the pattern and the colours, However, when i tried them of they where tighter on my leg than it appeared on the model, (baring in mind these models legs are twigs compared to mine) but i loved them all the same. With a bit of adjusting i got them to fit a bit better. Although i love them i don't have the confidence to be wearing them out and about just yet, so for the sake of these trousers i'm going to start a weight loss mission so as to walk around town looking fit as fuck in these. Again paired with a white top (re-occurring theme), also looks good when layered with a blue denim jacket. Shoes, i would again say white Converse or maybe black, Old school Vans would also go with this pair of trousers.

Zara: £29.99

My only jumper in this post again comes courtesy of Topman. This vibrant yellow jumper although not suitable for the hot summer days (cue Grease melody)is perfect for those evenings out when you don't want to make an effort, its stylish and comfortable, i have worn it both with a t-shirt underneath and without and both options are as comfy as the other. I usually wore this jumper with black skinny jeans however i also wore it with ripped blue jeans and it looked great with both.

Again it looks like they no longer sell it online, try in store at Topman however no promises can be made. I did also try to look for an alternative but found nothing which resembles the one i am wearing.

My final summer fave this time comes to you from ASOS, this oversized denim jacket was a staple of mine for weeks before it became too hot to wear. The pastel pink was the perfect summer colour and fitted in with my promise of wearing less black. I have gotten the most compliments when wearing this. Think this largely to do with the bright colour but the fit of the jacket sits really nicely on me (and others who have tried it on). Being on the slightly larger side i was worried it was going to make me look bigger than i actually am, however it wasn't the case due to the fitted waist. I again tend to wear this with a white T-shirt(Surprise) and black or light blue jeans.

Asos: £40

I will try do a clothing favourites for every season as it tends to change dramatically. (Expect more blacks the next couple of months)

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