What's in my bag??...

With freshers just starting and everyone getting to grips with the new uni year the thought of going to/back to lectures is the last thought on peoples minds. However if you want to be prepared you need to know firstly what to take with you, especially if you are a fresher and these may be your first lectures and seminars. So to help with your preparation I have made a list of 5 items that I take with me to my classes to give you and others some inspiration.

1) Notebooks/Diaries 

It goes without saying that you are going to need notebooks when going to lectures so make sure you keep them in your bag at all times, because it isn't pleasant when you turn up to lectures with nothing to write on. I got the diary from Tesco and the 4 notebooks from Homesense, I personally got a notebook for each one of my modules so as too keep relatively organised this semester.

2) Laptop

I would not recommend taking your laptop to uni everyday at risk of breaking it or losing it, but taking it to the occasional seminar is fine. You can use it to help take notes or to look up information you may not of understood during the lecture/seminar. Laptops can be useful but look after them, because they will have all your information on. My laptop is an Apple Macbook Pro and it is really handy for those of you doing an art/media based course.

3) Water Bottle/ Flask 

Whenever i leave the house i tend too take either of these bottles with me. I just use the clear one for water when I am thirsty through out the. I use the black one for my hot drinks, mainly for when I have a 9am lecture and I need that coffee to wake me up before I get there. The clear one is from the Love Island shop and I am OBSESSED with it. The black flask is from Starbucks and is relatively new but I know when it gets to lectures it'll be used a lot.

4) Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are an essential for those summer months, however it is always good to keep a spare pair in your bag for if their was ever a day in the winter and autumn months where it is particularly sunny. Try not to keep an expensive pair like these round Raybans  in your bag all year round, so make sure to keep a cheap(ish) pair handy for those random days.

5) Portable Charger/ Headphones

These two items are saviours when it comes to surviving a day at uni, or just a day in general. We all know phone batteries do not last as long as you want it too, so i would defiantly recommend getting a portable charger of any kind just to give your phone that extra bit if charge to get it through the rest of your day. And the headphones are a great way to keep you entertained, wether it be on the way to or from somewhere they also come in handy if you're doing a media based course because you're bound to be having to listen to some work and someone has taken the last pair of overhead headphones.

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