Off To Uni.

With Uni coming quickly around the corner, the thought of me going into second year is daunting however the excitement out weighs the thought of dread and upcoming stress. But for some of you it will be your first year at university, and the thought of starting a new chapter of your lives must be a terrifying one. So to make your transition a little easier I have compiled a list of essentials you may need when start University.


A notebook per module and a diary will be more than enough to keep yourself organised, try and make each notebook different so you can distinguish between what notebook is for what module. The notebooks i have selected from OHH DEER are aesthetically pleasing and stand out. The price of these are also good value for money so go online and pick something up from their wide range of notebooks and diaries.

2) Laptop - Macbook Pro: From £1,249.00

Although it is one of the most expensive Laptops out there, i find it is one of the best. These laptops are especially useful for those of you who are doing art or media based courses and if you pick one up before mid October from the Apple store, not only do you get 10% student discount, you will get a free pair of Beats wireless headphones.

3) Duvet set - Swirl Duvet Cover Set: £30.00 - £50.00

I could have found a cheaper duvet option however this one not only looks good but is great quality and should last you the whole of your 3 years at University. If you did want to get a cheaper duvet you can pick cheap ones up from all major supermarkets and shops such as Dunelm and Ikea. I have found a nice looking one from George at Asda which also very aesthetically pleasing

4) Stationary - Happy Pencils: £2.95

You will need a hell of a lot of stationary for Uni, however don't fork out a fortune for it because you will end up with just one pen by the end of the year. I've decided to narrow down my selection to these pencils which are only £2.95 and look pretty. Hopefully buying nicer ones like these will encourage you not to hand them out to the person you sit next to at your first lecture. 

5) Travel mug/bottle - S'well 500ml Bottle: £35

I originally wasn't going to include these bottles as you cannot buy these on their website in the UK, however upon further research you can purchase these on Urban Outfitters. These are one of the most expensive bottles out there however there are cheaper options, but these are said to keep drinks warm and cold for 24 hours, these bottles would be perfect for your morning tea or coffee when you have to get up for that 9am lecture. And if you make the most out of it for your 3 years it will make the price worth it, and need i say how gorgeous they are.

6) Backpack - Asos Canvas Backpack: £25

Every Uni student will need a backpack, you can get these at almost every online retailer, in most clothing stores and supermarkets. The option that i have given to you is from ASOS and is £25, it is the perfect size to fit your laptop, notebooks and any necessary files and folders in and still have room for any extras. You're gunna need a big(ish) bag when going to uni so shop around for the most practical (and stylish) one.

7) Photo frames - John Lewis Frame: £12.50

You will get homesick, everyone does. So the best way to keep your head above water is to print as many photos as you can, with which you can either pin it on your pin board or display it in a nice frame. The frame in the picture is from John Lewis and is the perfect frame to keep your photos safe and too keep your room looking great, there are again cheaper options if you are looking for a more simplistic frames ASDA do nice ones for £1.

8) Mugs - Googly Eye Mug: £9.00

Needless too say, you are gunna need some mugs, wether it be for tea or coffee, or if you've run out of glasses and you need something too drink your vodka lemonade out of. Mugs easily get lost along with most of your cutlery and crockery, so get a mug that you know is yours, even when you leave it at your friends flat. That is why I chose this googly eye mug from Urban Outfitters, its unique and i can almost guarantee no one in your immediate friendship circle will have it.


Everyone knows what Netflix is, but while you are studying it is a must. You will need something to binge watch while you have a essay brain freeze. You'll also make friends quickly if you offer up your Netflix account so you can all watch the new series of Riverdale together on the sofa.

10) Tableware - DINERA: Light Pink

Going to University you are going to need tableware, that is obvious but why settle for standard white crockery when you can get something more unique and stand out from the crowd. And at least if you get this pale pink, Dimera tableware set from IKEA you can get a stylish set of bowls and plates from £1.50 each. Other colours are available if you do not fancy a pink plate.

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